Mind and Soul and Livability UK have huge experience of supporting people with mental health issues in a way which can create a healthier emotional culture. I would commend their example and this website, as a real contribution to caring for some of our most vulnerable neighbours.

The Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

We all need to realise that the best of science and medicine, coupled with the best of pastoral and social support, can and must work together. This website will help you do that. This is the resource I would have loved to write. And it’s the resource I will be promoting.

Jim McManus, director of public health, Hertfordshire County Council

Mental health represents one of the great challenges and one of the great opportunities of the 21st century. A challenge because it can be hidden from obvious sight, is often poorly understood and because it can have a devastating impact on those who suffer from a variety of conditions. An opportunity because there is a chance to learn, to understand and - most importantly of all - to offer care and support to those who are suffering. I commend this resource to you.

John Sutherland, chief superintendant, Metropolitan Police Service

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the apparent complexity and scale of mental health needs today but this fantastic resource is a brilliant tool for church leaders to begin engaging helpfully and positively with this issue.

Patrick Regan OBE, founder and chief executive officer, XLP

I welcome this new resource that provides a breadth of information in an accessible and understanding way. The basis of this resource in the life of faith is welcomed and timely. The model of the Church as a place of 'radical hospitality and hope' offers a real sense of vocation for communities of faith to respond to those in our society who live with difficulties in their mental health. This website provides good information and links and would be a useful addition to the pastoral resources of any parish community.

Bishop Richard Moth, liaison bishop for mental health

I serve St Francis Church, Dalgarno Way. It's a resilient and robust community of people living in challenging circumstances. In fact, there is a great deal of repressed abundance and latent potential in those we encounter. I need a resource like this one as I stand alongside my friends on the estates, to keep me strong of heart and mind. As we collectively uncover our God-given identities, communities are forever transfigured. We are an assembly of broken pieces which with God's grace as 'glue', find wholeness.

Rev Azariah France-Williams, curate in charge, St Francis Church, London

For some, being a Christian is about always being happy and having a smile and a sense of inner peace. Yet for many Christians, every day can seem anxiety-provoking or difficult. The Mental Health Access Pack provides information, tools and a structure to help introduce open discussion about the presence of common mental health difficulties in churches. Bible-based, open and honest it provides a breath of fresh air on this often hidden topic, and helps individuals and congregations build a discussion as to how faith and the church can really help.

Professor Chris Williams, professor of psychosocial psychiatry, University of Glasgow

Mental health problems affect thousands of children and teenagers across the UK and are a real concern for anyone working with young people. This site offers accessible, clear advice and guidance on common issues and links for more information where needed. An essential resource for the 21st-century church.

Gav Calver, director, Youth for Christ

Talking about mental health can be very difficult in a church setting; it's been something of a taboo. When it is spoken of by Christians, often it's with incorrect assumptions - and sometimes even accompanied by unhelpful guidance. This course is much needed. It will help equip and educate churches to approach conversations about mental health with skill and care.

Vicky Beeching, theologian, writer, speaker