Who’s this site for and how to use it

This site is designed for busy church leaders who want to understand mental health issues better. You can use it to develop the care and support your church can offer those struggling with mental health issues. You’ll find an overview of mental health matters, plus signposts to additional resources.

You might want to use the information on common conditions, and what the Bible says about mental health, with your congregation as a great starting point to encourage an ongoing engagement with mental health issues.

  • Common conditions: find facts about frequently occurring mental health problems. You can easily download and print this information as a pdf.
  • Caring for people looks at how the church can truly welcome and involve people with mental health issues.
  • Practical tips gives you a toolbox of information about what you can do, including supporting children’s and adolescents’ mental health, and an outline of counselling approaches. Here you can also find an index of UK organisations, for further help and information.
  • What does the Bible say? takes a theological look at some aspects of mental health, including suffering, and medication. You can download this information as a pdf.